Termite Control


In Tennessee our climate is perfect for termites to thrive.  So, termites have always been an issue in Nashville and surrounding areas.  Ace has developed effective methods in order to get rid of or prevent termite colonies from invading your home.  Our termite bond coverage offers peace of mind to home owners knowing that we are checking regularly for any activity and will treat any termite issues that arise quickly. 

Subterranean termites live underground and build tunnels, referred to as mud tubes, to reach food sources. They feed on products containing cellulose. Subterranean termites swarm in the spring — This means groups of reproductive termites go off to start new colonies.

Subterranean termites are masters at avoiding detection. They can remain completely hidden within walls and wood while they do their worst damage. Ace Exterminating has termite control options to take care of any current termite problem you may have and warranty your home against any future infestations.